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Thursday, 27 October 2011

Continental Cakes @ Lovelin ~

Salam manis untuk semua ...

From now on, Lovelin Sweet Treats offers you these 4 Continental Cake / Cafe Cake (cake2 yang selalu dijual di cafe2 cake..)
Place your order now, and u'll love it to the max!

Tadaaaaaaa.... the new lovelin's temptation! =)))

Price is from RM95, for almost 3kg cake (9 inch)

.:: Russian Black and White Cake ::.
~ it's so tempting.. moist dark choc cake.. combine with very mellow ganache and cream cheese filling.. perfect for choc cheese lover! juz love it at the first taste~
* the twin to Choc Indulgence Cake *

Price is from RM85, for 2++ kg cake (9 inch)
.:: Snowy Peach Custard Cream Cake ::.
~ perfect for peach lover.. with custard cream instead of buttercream! u'll ask for the 2nd piece after u finish one! =) very custard peachy cake~ u'll love it!

Price is from RM85, for 2++ kg cake (9 inch)
.:: Italian Rainbow Cake ::.
~ it's a 'surprised-cake'! u only know its 'rainbow', once u cut it.. very eye-catching with the vibrant colours inside! a richy-butter cake, comes with special italian meringue buttercream~ perfect for those who loves cake more~

Price is from RM85, for 2++ kg cake (9 inch)
.:: Red Velvet Cake ::.
~ very famous and one would crave to have it everyday! very moist cake.. that best serve with fresh cream cheese topping! taste it now for those who cheesy lover!

NOTE : we use ONLY THE BEST QUALITY INGREDIENTS ,to serve u with the best cakes ever! =)
NOTE 2 : kindly place your order at least 5 DAYS before the date (013-4332334 / 019-4715106)

Thank you dear ~